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Remembering Mrs Rama

27 Dec 2016 // Filed under Articles

We are so sad today upon the passing of Prema (or Mrs Rama as we called her), the wife of our Executive Director Mr Rama.

In my five years at the Book Council, I met Mrs Rama several times a year, usually at Deepavali, and again when the staff were invited to Mr Rama’s home for dinners. Each time I saw her she always welcomed me warmly, also taking the trouble to converse with each of my colleagues to make them feel more at ease during the first part of these events, when everyone usually takes a while to warm up.

The one time we got to know her a little better was when she accompanied several of us and a contingent of authors and illustrators to the New Delhi World Book Fair in 2015, when Singapore was the Country-of-Honour there. The second day after we arrived, there was a quiet afternoon, and with Mr Rama attending to other things, a few of us went to visit bookshops and have coffee in Connaught Place with Mrs Rama in tow.

Just a few weeks ago, Mrs Rama joined us for our end of year lunch, and handed out Christmas presents after lunch was over. That day she seemed as healthy and happy as ever, and glad to see all of us in good spirits.

Goodbye Mrs Rama, we will always remember you fondly.

- Kenneth Quek ([email protected])


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