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Year-end message from the Executive Director, NBDCS

20 Dec 2016 // Filed under Articles

Dear supporters of The Book Council,

Thank you for your kind support of our programmes and activities in 2016. This year has been really a good one for us at the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

The following programmes, which remain the core of what we do, were very successful:

1. All In! Young Writers Festival (March)
2. Asian Festival of Children's Content (May)
3. Singapore Literature Prize Award Ceremony (July)
4. Training courses organised by Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing (throughout the year).

We also introduced Twilight Tales, which are a series of meet-the-author sessions for adults. Through these sessions, we hope to make more of our Singapore-based authors and their works better known to the public. We have also organised Mother Tongue language sessions for children and adults; these were an attempt, on our part, to organise more programmes that promote the local languages. All these programmes have enjoyed increasing support from the general public, and we are grateful. In the following years, we hope to organise even more literary events for our avid readers and writers in the community.

We have come a long way since 1968, and our programmes would not have been as successful without your generous support and goodwill.  We look forward to your continued presence at our future events! If you've any feedback and/or suggestions on what we do, please e-mail them to [email protected]. If you'd like to support us, you can also find more information here

Thank you, and from all of us at The Book Council, we wish you a very blessed and wondrous new year ahead. 

Season's Greetings,

R. Ramachandran

Executive Director,
National Book Development Council of Singapore


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