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Love to illustrate? Here’s a BIG opportunity to showcase your work

17 Jan 2017 // Filed under Art / Children’s / Events

Often, a picture relates to the reader first, before the words do.

The Book Illustrators Gallery, also known as BIG, is a yearly illustration exhibition that takes place as part of  NBDCS' annual Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC). Many visitors, we're told, have been drawn to the creative artworks on display, and the illustrators' artistic interpretations on various themes and mediums!

We have met some of these talented illustrators in person. Some illustrators, whose artworks have been selected for BIG, attended AFCC and came down to check out their own illustrations on display. Others found new muses or inspirations from other artworks, and enjoyed the different forms of drawing. Some also met their favourite illustrators (who were speakers at AFCC) and shared ideas amongst themselves on how to improve their craft!

Many of the beautiful submissions we've received from BIG are from around the world, and are submitted by budding and experienced adult illustrators who are proud to draw whimsical or unlikely "fairy tale" characters with a child-like quality. 

The illustrations for BIG are chosen carefully by our curators. Some of the selected artworks in 2016 showed not only vibrant colours, but also expression in the characters that resonated deeply. Each illustration revealed a bit about the culture, emotions and themes from a particular country, as experienced by the illustrator. 

Some of the selected illustrations in 2016. For more, go here

Viewing so many wonderful artworks is a rather soothing experience. This is my 4th year coordinating the BIG submissions and I am always in awe of the many illustrations and how enchanting they are! 

If you have recently published artwork in a children's book, or have completed artwork waiting to be published, please view the BIG guidelines here and send it to me at [email protected] before 28 February 2017.

Looking forward to receiving your wonderful submissions!

- Judi Ho ([email protected]


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