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Duelling Illustrators @ AFCC 2014!

25 Apr 2014 // Filed under Children’s / Interviews

At this year's first of three Duelling Illustrators events, children's book illustrators James "The Mayhem" Mayhew and "Devastating" Dave Liew will draw scenes from an unpublished children's book manuscript at the same time while everybody else watches them!

We asked the two artists a few questions, to better stack them up. So, let's go to...


1989 Year Career Started 1988
Over 50 Published Books Over 20
Traditional Media Like Inks, Watercoulours, etc. Favourite Art Style Pen & Ink
Tove Jansoon (Creator of Moomins) Artists That Inspire You John Blanche and Ian Miller (Games Workshop artists), Edward Burne Jones (pre-Raphaelite painter), and Kris Kuksi (Fantastic Realist)
Blundeston in Suffolk, England Hometown Singapore


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