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AFCC 2014 Roundup!

9 Jun 2014 // Filed under Children’s / Literacy / Travel

Image courtesy of David Seow

The 2014 Asian Festival of Children's Content may be over, but there are a bevy of blogs, testimonials, and photographs still to be read, consumed, and enjoyed!

We've trawled the interwebs to bring you some AFCC 2014 experiences and recollections from speakers, delegates, bloggers, students, volunteers, and even an Executive Committee member. We're sure there will be more in the coming days and weeks, and we would love for you to share those posts and entries with us.

Now, take a stroll down AFCC 2014 memory lane:

Janice Liu, a writer for the Ana Shell Fund, an alternative energy fund, writes a fantastic review of AFCC 2014.

Teri Tan, reporter for Publisher's Weekly and speaker at AFCC 2014, also writes a great piece on AFCC 2014.

James Mayhew, amazing illustrator and speaker, recounts his entire AFCC 2014 experience.

Author and speaker Ho Lee-Ling shares a few photographs from her sessions with David Liew and Andrew Weale.

Book reviewer and educator Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal shares her thoughts and lots of photographs from the Masterclass Talking Books.

Translator and founder of Little J Books Paul Quirk shares his thoughts on AFCC in general and Augmented Reality in books in particular.

Children's author and Deputy Mayor of Bratislava, Slovakia, Ms Petra Nagyová Džerengová was interviewed about her AFCC experience by Slovak magazine InBA (you will of course need to understand Slovak to get the full gist).

Author Cristy Burne talks about her first two speaking sessions, first with Mahtab Narsimhan, and then with Mark Greenwood, and her bittersweet feelings at the ending of the festival.

Blooey Singson, Filipina blogger extraordinaire, writes about her first time inside the National Library Building and the winners of the Scholastic Asian Book Award, as well as her thoughts on the Found in Translation talk by translator Cathy Hirano and the Magical Children talk by author Sally Gardner.

Our friends at the International Rice Research Institute posted about the AFCC 2014 theme of rice, including talks, books, and activities.

Illustrator Frane Lessac shares her thoughts on being on a panel with Leonard Marcus, Junko Yokota, and Mariko Takagi, and in leading a Masterclass with Javier Zabala.

Australian author Gabrielle Wang sums up her thoughts and experiences at her first AFCC and highlights important lessons she took away from Fran Lebowitz's session on sending manuscripts to agents and publishers.

Volunteer extraordinare Dexterine shares a bit about what volunteering means to her, especially in something she enjoys.

Author Lara Morgan writes about her AFCC 2014, as well as eating her way through Singapore.

Sayoni Basu, publisher of Duckbill Books, writes about reading all kinds of awesome new stories from Asia.

Raewyn Caisely put up a few thoughts on her Facebook page (go like it now!).

Denise Tan of Closetful of Books writes about meeting Sally Gardner for the very first time.

Singaporean student Charlotte tells of the importance of reading the panel description before sitting down.

Charlene Lai, Taiwanese blogger, talks about attending a panel with Leonard Marcus, Mariko Takagi, and Frane Lessac (the post is in Chinese).

The Gulf Today newspaper talks about the Middle Eastern contingent that made it to AFCC this year.

Australian author and AFCC Board of Advisors member Christopher Cheng details his first and second days at AFCC.

The National Book Trust of India, responsible for bringing so many fantastic writers and illustrators from India to AFCC, have a write-up of their own that was published in a magazine (PDF file).

Indian author Sampurna Chattarji writes for the Scholastic India blog about not just her time at AFCC, but also her experiences at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Mitali Perkins, Indian-born American author (who speaks a fair amout of Spanish!) details her time at AFCC and Singapore in general.

And finally, author Dave Seow chronicles the entirety of AFCC 2014 in words and photographs: Day 1 and Opening Night, Day 2 and Celebrating Our Stars, Day 3 and India Night, Day 4 and Literature Lecture, Day 5Makan & Mingle, and Masterclasses.


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