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A cosy evening with Pooja Nansi at NBDCS’ Twilight Tales

6 Dec 2016 // Filed under Events

Have you attended NBDCS' Twilight Tales? 

On 26 November 2016, Pooja Nansi, author of two collections of poetry, and recipient of the Young Artist Award, shared with us inspirations behind some of her literary works, including those from Love is an Empty Barstool. Award-winning poet Cyril Wong (our previously featured Twilight Tales poet!) also joined us at the session. Together, the two candidly spoke about a range of topics including love, race, relationships, performance, poetry, and everything in between. 

Despite the really wet evening (it was raining cats and dogs!) we still had 28 guests join us, so thank you, all those who came! After the session, several of us paused for hot coffee and delicious cake slices at The Fabulous Baker Boy, who was our venue sponsor. It was a truly nourishing evening for both the mind and the tummy :)  

Pssst. Not heard of Twilight Tales?

Twilight Tales is a series of meet-the-author sessions and literary gatherings organised by the The Book Council. At each session, we will feature a well-known Singaporean author/poet and have him/her talk about their literary works.  We will also invite a moderator to join us in interacting with the author (and to ask the burning questions nobody dares to ask! ;) ) This event is free-to-enter and is a non-profit event. Since 2015, we've had people from all age and interest groups joining us! Budding writers, book lovers, students, parents, arts educators... or just about anyone with a curious bone and an open mind for good conversations. Ultimately, through Twilight Tales, we hope to have more people discover and appreciate Singaporean writers and poets, and the beauty of their works. 

When we first started this programme in 2015, it was held in the comforts of private homes, where generous hosts would extend their private spaces to us. In recent months, we've also explored holding Twilight Tales at cosy public venues. You never really know where the next venue would be!

This time, the good folks from The Fabulous Baker Boy @ River Valley Road hosted us at their cosy space, That Spare Room, where the session ran for approx. 1.5 hours. If you wish to join us next time, the upcoming session is slated for Feburary 2016, and will also be held at this cafe. Don't forget to sign up for our NBDCS newsletter for updates!

Till then, keep reading, and keep thinking :) 

- Mabel Lee ([email protected]



Mary Jacobs wrote on 8 Dec 2016:

I braved the pouring rain and went on a bus to the unknown venue.  The converted River Valley swimming pool now houses this very interesting place . So charming .
It was a very interesting session and yes I am rediscovering local literary talents . Thanks to the organisers and I am certainly looking forward to attending more such events b

mabellee wrote on 15 Dec 2016:

Dear Mary

Thank you so much for your kind words! We look forward to having you again in future sessions of Twilight Tales :)


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